Aug 15

Check Out These 3 Nashville Restaurants for Great Southern Cooking

If you enjoy good southern food, Nashville has you covered.  There are plenty of delicious restaurants, many near our Nashville apartments.  Here are three worth trying.

Get Ready for a Nashville Tradition at the Hot Chicken Festival

Source: Music City Hot Chicken Festival via Facebook

  • Arnold’s (605 8th Avenue South): Having been featured on Diner’s Drive Ins & Dives, Arnold’s is now a well known soul food favorite.  You’ll almost certainly be waiting in line for your buffet style meal, but the fried chicken, barbecued pork, fried green tomatoes, and more are worth the wait.
  • Chef’s Market (900 Conference Drive): Both a restaurant and a caterer, Chef’s Market has been serving up Southern favorites for more than 15 years.  Probably more than other restaurants, they offer plenty of healthy dishes.
  • Lockeland Table (1520 Woodland Street): Located in East Nashville, Lockeland Table’s decor matches its historic neighborhood.  The menu includes American fare with a Southern twist.  Try the crab & corn fritters, the Nashville hot crispy pig ears, or the crawfish tail.

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Aug 15

Download Nashivlle’s Free Music App to Find Free Live Music in the City

Music lovers will delight in the new Nashville Live Music Guide App. This is your guide to finding the greatest live music around and best of all, this information is at your fingertips anytime you want to check it out.

Check Out Local Artists at The Bluebird Cafe

Source: The Bluebird Cafe via Facebook

This free App is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Here you can find out who’s playing, when, and where. You can find your favorite type of music, such as country, rock, hip hop, folk, bluegrass, jazz, and classical.

You will have the ability to check out what’s going on at more than 150 clubs around Nashville. You will have the capability to browse clubs based on areas in town. Search the live music calendar up to two weeks in advance. You even have the ability to listen and purchase music on this App.

You don’t want to miss out on the Nashville Live Music Guide App. Download it today and be on your way to finding the best music around!

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Aug 15

Stop By the Coffee Bar in the Community Clubhouse

Socializing is a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors a bit. There are many wonderful opportunities to socialize at our luxury apartment community in Nashville. The next time you want to sit around and chat with some new friends, be sure and check out the Coffee Bar at our Community Clubhouse.

Waterford Place Apartments

Source: Waterford Place Apartments

The Coffee Bar at our Community Clubhouse was designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. This is a wonderful spot to start your day, recharge with a bit of coffee, and be prepared for anything that the day has in store for you.

It is also an excellent place to go if you want to meet other members of the community. Hang out at the Coffee Bar and get to know your neighbors. If you are new to the area, use this opportunity to learn about all the best restaurants, shops and points of interest in our community. The Coffee Bar is an excellent place for you to indulge in some warm drinks while getting to know your neighbors and making some amazing new friends in the process.

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Aug 15

Our Tennis Court is the Perfect Place for a Friendly Match

Our tennis court at our Waterford Place housing community is a wonderful luxury in which we can enjoy. Whether you’re just learning to play tennis or you’re an experienced player, it’s a great way to pass the time. And this is just one of the many fantastic amenities here.


Source: Waterford Place Apartments

Jump in our swimming pool and escape the summer heat. Whether you want to swim laps, splash around, or lounge pool side, you’re covered.

We have a barbecue grill, as well as picnic areas, so have a picnic with the family, or invite some friends over for a barbecue.

Our fitness center makes squeezing in a workout easy. Run on the treadmill, get your heartbeat up on the bicycle, or tone your muscles with weights.

We have a pet park, which is great for socializing your dog with other dogs and wearing off excess energy.

Our business center is ideal for getting work done without the distractions of home.

We also have a coffee bar, so get your caffeine fix here.

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Aug 15

Adopt These 5 Daily Habits and Be More Productive

Leading a productive lifestyle doesn’t have to require a lot of time or commitment – here are five daily habits you can incorporate to help ensure that you feel good about your productivity at any given time:

Cheekwood Picnic

Source: Cheekwood

  • Learn to Say No – You can’t please everyone, and when you try to make appeasements you leave less time for your own productive ventures.
  • Go to Bed Early – Get into bed by 9 pm so you’re early to rise and have more time during the day for essential tasks.
  • Exercise – Making a point to exercise daily (a walk will work!) will give you the energy to power through your daily tasks.
  • Take a Break – Schedule time to take a small break at least once a day so you can recharge your batteries.
  • Create a Schedule – Use a calendar to keep track of your schedule so you’re more likely to stick with it.

With some free time available to reflect on your achievements, take a stroll through our beautiful grounds for some fresh air and exercise. If you aren’t a resident here at Waterford Place, contact us to schedule a tour and to learn more about our available units.

Aug 15

5 Things You Should Clean in Your Apartment More Often

No matter how much you clean in your apartments, there are a few things you are likely to forget need to be cleaned once in a while. The things that are high up or inconvenient are easy items to neglect during regular clean ups.

Decorate the Living Room of Your Apartment With These Tips

Source: Waterford Place-TN

Here are 5 things you should clean in your apartment more often.

  • All your overhead light fixtures should be cleaned regularly. They are easy to ignore but bugs crawl up in them, dust gathers and they need to be cleaned.
  • You don’t think so, but your shower curtain needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid mold build up.
  • When you wipe your counters, it is easy to forget the crevices. This area can become a house of bad bacteria and it needs to be cleaned.
  • You wouldn’t think so, but your salt and pepper shakers need to be cleaned as well.
  • Your television remote controls need to be wiped down as they harbor bacteria from your hands.

As you go about cleaning your apartments, remember these items that must be cleaned regularly. Get in touch with us at Waterford Place for more information on our apartments and maintenance.

Jul 15

Support Local Restaurants During Nashville Orignals Restaurant Week

If you love dining out, you will love Nashville Restaurant Week. Not only does this week present the perfect opportunity to support Nashville local restaurants, it is also the perfect time to try new restaurants or return to your favorites.

Burger and Onion Rings

Source: Burger Up

Nashville Restaurant Week starts Monday, August 24th and goes through Sunday, August 30th.

An impressive number of restaurants in the area are participating, including The Bunganut Pig, Urban Grub, Jimmy Kelly’s Steakhouse, Holland House, Silly Goose, Martin’s BBQ, Watermark Restaurant, Germantown Cafe, and so many more.

During this week, participating restaurants present a menu for a fixed price, allowing you to enjoy mouthwatering food at a less expensive price point than normal. Often times, the menu will include an appetizer, entree, and a dessert. However, each restaurant develops their own specials for restaurant week.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to try these Nashville local restaurants at a great price! Make your reservations early to ensure you can go to the restaurants of your choosing!

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Jul 15

Neighborhood Spotlight: Check Out What’s Going On in Green Hills

Nashville is filled with charming neighborhoods to explore, one of which is lively Green Hills. Exploring your surroundings will give you a newfound appreciation for living in Nashville, TN apartments, especially when you get to know the Nashville Green Hills neighborhood.

Enjoy a Spring Picnic This Weekend at Edwin Warner Park


With its respected and time-honored music scene, Nashville is a fitting home for Green Hills, where you can find live music and a hopping nightlife. The world-renowned Bluebird Cafe features local talent and up-and-comers, so you can have a leg up on discovering the newest hot music. You’ll also have the chance to spot musicians who have already had their big break, such as Leann Rimes and Phil Vassar.

For a day of Nashville shopping, look no further than Hills Center, where you’ll find Nashville’s premier and upscale boutiques. Try The Cosmetic Market for all your skin and hair needs, or J. McLaughlin for fun casual wear for the whole family. When you get the shopping munchies, stop by the Hills Center Whole Foods Market or enjoy Pan-Asian cuisine at Pei Wei.

For a different experience, try The Greenhouse Bar, a greenhouse-cum-lounge. Enjoy drinks and bar bites in a garden.

Let us know what your favorite Nashville neighborhood is.

Jul 15

Keep Your Skin Healthy With These 3 Easy Sunburn Remedies

Summer is here, and that means getting outside and enjoying the amazing weather. Whether you like to ride your bike, go for a swim, hike in the mountains or just spend some time grilling with friends and family, your skin is going to be exposed. Wearing sunscreen helps, but sometimes you’re going to end up with a sunburn anyway. If you do, use this guide to help you deal with your sunburn so you’re not in pain and your skin heals properly.

Cheekwood Picnic

Source: Cheekwood

  • Add apple cider vinegar to your bathwater. 1 cup of apple cider vinegar for a tubful of water should work well to soothe the skin if you’re feeling burning or stinging sensations.
  • Buy an over the counter cream that contains 1% hydrocortisone and apply it to the burned area. This can help relieve itching, pain and swelling after you get a sunburn.
  • Use a cold compress on the sunburned area. This works especially when right after a sunburn when other remedies aren’t available to you.
  • Apply aloe vera gel. Allow it to dry on the skin thoroughly.

Contact us for more summer skin tips you can use to stay healthy while you’re having fun in the sun.

Jul 15

Enjoy a Day of Hiking at Nearby Warner Parks

Going outside has been proven to strengthen your immunity, build your focus and improve your outlook. Take advantage of great weather and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of your Nashville apartment by scoping out parks near Nashville apartments with our community at Waterford Place.

Walk Your Dog at these Green Spaces in Bellevue

Bring your dog on a fun walk through one of these parks in Nashville.

Warner Parks is actually two parks named Edwin Park and Percy Warner Park. Together, they are the largest community parks in Nashville, spanning across 2,684 acres.

Have a great day hiking Warner Parks’ 12 miles of primitive hiking trails and 3 miles of paved greenway trail. Pack a lunch; with bountiful forest area as well as open green fields, Warner Parks provides the ideal setting for a post-hike picnic.

Help maintain and preserve the natural elements of flora and fauna in Warner Parks by staying on the trails, whether you are hiking, cross country running, walking your dog or on an equestrian trail. This will ensure that the parks can be enjoyed for years to come, especially since there is so much to enjoy. Not only is Warner Parks a historical community resource, but it also offers golf courses and athletic fields for many fun outdoor activities.

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